Do You Have a Book Inside of You Just Waiting to Get Published?

Writing can be a solitary task and, often, every other priority in your life seems more pressing.  With a book writing coach, you have someone to inspire and guide you to completing your writing project on a timely schedule.  Creating a book does not require years of preparation, just your experience, determination and an action plan to follow.

Whether your are a speaker, coach, professional or entrepreneur, a book coach can help you bring your career to the next level with the credibility of becoming an author.  Writing is most likely not your profession, therefore you need someone who has the wisdom and experience to coach you through the process.  A writing coach can help you get un-stuck, brainstorm innovative ideas and help you make the right decisions.

Your Book Writing Success Coach Can:

  • Provide clarity and get you clear about your writing goals
  • Help you organize your thoughts, written materials and timelines
  • Create a system for success that supports your goals
  • Offer suggestions on your writing direction step-by-step
  • Guide you to organize and develop your book or writing project
  • Assist with meeting deadlines and staying on schedule
  • Listen and offer personalized, positive reinforcement
  • Make your dream of authorship a reality!

Shelley Gillespie, Book Writing Success Coach, is here to support your next writing project!

Put “Shelley On Your Shoulder” by contacting her to discuss your writing project today at

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