Award-winning journalist, writer, speaker, educator, trainer, marketing and writing consultant, Shelley Gillespie founded Book Writing Success Coach to assist people with the many writing projects they want to complete. 

As a writing consultant, Shelley has provided inspired copy that helped people win clients and business, and spur donations.  She helped raise $9.3 million dollars for a non-profit and save a community $5 million annually. 

After nearly 10 years of newspaper writing and a stint as editor for a local newspaper, Shelley has written stories on deadline that awakened a community and won her a state journalism award.  One newspaper feature she wrote had people lined up out the door waiting to try a restaurant’s food from opening to close twice!

After hearing so many people tell her that they would like to write a book someday, Shelley developed her book coaching business to help others turn their dreams into reality.  Book Writing Success Coach offers writing tips, expert guidance and personalized coaching to either first time writers who need a coach for direction or experienced writers who need a coach to meet their deadline.

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