Do you wonder how the experts do it?

Would you like to get the straightforward info from experts on how they write, win awards, get their work done and make money?

Think about it!

Writing a book offers you credibility. Being an author shows AUTHORity, putting you head and shoulders above the crowd.

Did you know that when you’ve written a book, people – potential clients – see you in a different way? You are now a proven expert!

How many times have you assumed that everyone knows what you know?

You know your knowledge base, but very few people know what you take for granted. By sharing what you know, you’ll have the opportunity to share knowledge and charge for your expertise.

That’s where Book Writing Success Coach Shelley Gillespie comes in with a program that can help you immensely!

With the Book Writing Success Coach 7-part audio series “How to Write a Great Book to Increase Your Credibility and Your Money Generating Opportunities,” you will receive tips from:

  • A New York Times bestselling author
  • An award-winning journalist
  • An award-winning author who learned from Diana Gabaldon, international bestseller
  • An entertainment attorney
  • And an expert researcher.

shelley-teleseminar-seriesIn this audio series, get the straight scoop from people who’ve been out there, successfully working in their trade.

You can be selling your book, with some work and determination, in just a few weeks or months! Yes, it does take work and a commitment to succeed. What doesn’t take work?

But, with what you know, you can develop your book so that others can share your knowledge – and want to work with you. You can parlay your expertise into higher fees or just the satisfaction that you’re in demand – for guest speaker opportunities – which can also increase your credibility and your perceived value.

What would it take to write a book?

Get some cues from this series. It is not brain surgery – unless you’re a brain surgeon. Most people find the idea of writing a book a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. You can learn from people who make it easy.

As Book Writing Success Coach, I’m offering you the chance to learn and get ideas from people who know – they’ve been there!

In this series, you will have 7 audio recordings to listen to as often as you like with topics including:

  • Basics to think about so you can write a successful book and become a published author.
  • How to move past writer’s block to achieve your writing goals.
  • Developing a system to get your writing projects completed on a schedule with award-winning guest author Kris Tualla.
  • Dramatically improve your writing proficiency.
  • How to protect your writing, your business and your Intellectual Property with guest entertainment attorney Megan D. Scott.
  • Writing a great book that creates buzz with guest NY Times bestselling author. Cheyenne McCray who has over 1.5 million books in print or e-book.
  • Research tips to write a better book and get the details right with expert researcher Roger Gillespie.

You’re probably thinking, what would it cost to have this resource for my own, to download, listen to and use for my own inspiration?

Less than a month’s lattes! Only $69 for all 7 audios topics!

So, if you’d like to take this way to ease yourself into becoming an author, you’ll be taken to a safe Paypal site where most credit cards are accepted. Once you’ve paid, you’ll quickly receive your download of the recordings.

Book Writing Success Coach is waiting to help you! If you find yourself wanting more, please contact us on the website and leave us a message.

We look forward to your inspired writing!

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