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Get your writing completed on schedule!

Join us at our tele seminar series for a special guest – Kris Tualla.

Kris juggles completing her 100,000-word novels, while also serving as president of a romance writers’ group, chairing an annual conference for writers – – and still has time for a family life!

Join us for a lively and entertaining tele seminar you won’t want to miss!

Register for the tele seminar at:

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It’s (or its?) time to get your (or you’re?) act together!

As a guest speaker at a writers’ group recently, I was pleased to chat with enthusiastic writers who are learning their craft.
When they surprised me with a “Thank You” card, I was delighted! Each attendee had secretly put a note in the card. Reading through their comments, I groaned.
And I quote, “Your the best!” plus a smiley face. I loved what they meant, but didn’t love the way it was expressed!

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