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Name That Book!

How many books hook you when all you know is the title? Before you even open the cover?

Most books should grab the prospective reader/buyer by the time he or she reads the cover matter.

So, how do you find the right name for your book?

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Why Are You Writing Your Book?

To determine if you could write a book that might be popular or even valued by family and friends, first think about your audience:

  • Do you know people who would be interested in reading the book?
  • Would you be giving it away to clients so they would remember you by this evidence of your expertise?
  • Would Uncle Joe or Aunt Mable like to read the book or – if they were mentioned in the book, would they be furious and stop speaking to you and sue you?

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Choosing Your Topic: Make It True

…Fiction authors need to be equally sensitive to providing details. Research is important. If a character is alive in the 1800s, for instance, how did he or she get places, what did they wear, what level of education did they possess, how were their homes furnished, what did they do for a living, what was daily life like, etc.?…

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When Writing is Lost

…the valedictorian was happy to share her reading experiences.  Since she loved reading, I asked her who she considered good and she liked to read. She answered, “John Grisham.”

I asked her for more names.  She was drawing a blank, so I asked if she liked Mark Twain.  Her reaction was another blank stare.  She did not know one of the foremost writers of our country.

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The Best Short Story – Ever

Kudos to H.H. Munro, pen name – Saki….

I read his story, “The Open Window.” It gave me chills. The story offers masterful character development of several characters, a plot with a surprise ending and terrific detail.

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Words Can Get You in Trouble!

Years ago, I was the main writer and editor of a local newspaper.  In a profile of a local government worker, I spoke of his experience, expertise, background, degree, and career in Public Administration.  It was a very complimentary story except for one thing.

One use of the word “Public” left out the “L.”…

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Finding the Right Word

To my coaching clients, I always suggest that they not use the online resource. If they use the computer’s thesaurus, they will wind up with the same word everyone else might use. Instead, try a dictionary to expand the vocabulary.

When in doubt, use the simple word. It sometimes provides the most understandable meaning. Don’t you prefer that people understand what you mean?

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Uptown Downton

I admit it! I’ve become beguiled by Downton Abbey …

The joy of the writing is that each character is multi-dimensional, showing change, wit and a spark of humanity.


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