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Grab Them and Keep Them

In recent years, I have started reading books and haven’t finished them. For a book lover, that is almost a heresy!…

In one of my book groups, a group member suggested starting a book with a startling image – like a character that discovers a corpse with a knife in the back….

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Using Words to Wow

In my previous blog, I promised to share what creates an avid reading audience. Of course, it’s the WORDS! With 26 letters to create words, there are millions of opportunities for creativity. …

Alliteration…She sells seashells by the seashore…

writing evocatively. Use words that summon the senses. (I know, alliteration again, but I just love it.) See, hear, smell, taste, and feel….

so readers can chew on a piece at a time…


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The Puzzle of Writing

…Thinking again of a puzzle, what happens when you can’t figure out how the piece fits in?…Well, if you think about real life, the neat, easy answer does not always appear….So, get creative!


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Quality Matters

In the charge to complete writing, lately I’ve noticed that a very important element of writing is being ignored. That element is reviewing what you’ve written….

Why review?…

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Remembering Details

…I asked the facility director to explain the difference between memory loss and simple acts of forgetting, like where someone put their keys.

She held up her keys and asked me, “What are these used for?”

If I hadn’t known, then I might have been in an early stage of dementia. Happily, I did know how keys are used. …

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Cellar Door and Other Beautiful Words

When I was in seventh grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Dalack, announced to the class that some august body of language mavens (she didn’t call them that, but it’s been many years, so forgive me for forgetting who they were) decided that the words “cellar door” were the most beautiful words in the English language.

I remember reacting with disbelief. Cellar? Door?…

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