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Writing about Fathers

For many years, fathers were represented as those elusive, wise creatures who left the home in the morning, did battle in the world of commerce during the day, and came home to share dinner with the family. Possibly they might fall asleep in their chair after dinner, but were a household presence. …

Writing about a father now can be a totally different experience. While the ad campaigns still tout toolboxes, fishing gear, and gadgets for the home, many men and fathers no longer focus on those pastimes.   My husband recently commented that it seemed there are a proliferation of men who are chefs….


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How to Decide What to Write

You’re on a tight deadline and you need to write.  It might be for a blog, a report, an ongoing writing project, or social media.  Instead of just writing the first thing that comes to mind–which can work, too–try the following approach:

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7 Ways to Encourage Children to Read

Statistics and common sense tell you that children who read learn so much:

  1. They use their imaginations to bring the books to life.
  2. They learn vocabulary.
  3. They learn to reason and evaluate.
  4. They develop an understanding of the world and other people.
  5. They learn more easily in school after learning to read at home. …

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