5+ Ideas for Better Writing

CPKmagnifier(Couch Potato Kid observes nature.)

I stopped being a journalist a couple of months ago. But not really.

The inquisitive approach to examining people, places, events and comments is still something I continue…without even thinking about it.

Observing is also a useful tool for anyone who needs to write, make decisions and communicate. How to begin this, if you don’t already?

Here are 5 ideas for making your writing more meaningful.

  1. Observe body language of those you see. Do they look you in the eye? Is there a twinkle in their eye? Do they smile like they mean it?
  1. What colors do they wear? What style of clothing? Is it worn? Does it fit well?
  1. Listen to the cadence of their speech. Do they pause, as if trying to construct something to say? Does their speech change from casual to formal? Does it sound rehearsed?
  1. Do they fidget with their hands? Do they show other signs of being nervous? (I know. This is body language, too. But, it is very telling.)
  1. In general, are the people you’re seeing or speaking with evasive? Do they try to change the subject? Are they quick to end the conversation?

All of the above ideas will help writers, business people, and anyone who wants to better understand someone.

This can lead to trust, mistrust, big deals, lifelong friendships, tolerance, and a greater knowledge of the rest of the universe.

I’m still a journalist…at heart.

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