5+ More Strategies for Writing

Since I had an enthusiastic response to my helpful ideas for writing, I thought I’d offer a few more suggestions:

  1. The first idea is to make lists. Here we are in a list. It helps – and also gives you a psychological boost when you can check off something you’ve done!
  1. Sleep! Seriously, I mentioned this in a prior blog. Sleeping lets your resting mind process what you’ve been thinking about. I often awaken with ideas for how to start a story or item I’ve planned to write.
  1. If you have questions about something, maybe a particular thing that might or might not exist in a prior generation, spend time letting a family member or friend trip down memory lane and tell you about the timeframe and people. You will learn about manners, attitudes, and personalities that could be informative to what you’re writing now – or later.
  1. Don’t quote from Wikipedia. I know it’s tempting, but it is even publicized on Wikipedia that they accept submissions for the information. It might not be authoritative.
  1. Remember to eat! If you work for hours, inspired and letting the words flow, remember to eat. Otherwise, you could crash and find yourself unable to conjure up another word.

Please use these strategies, if they work for you. If they don’t, move on!

A sixth bonus strategy – don’t let yourself be a slave to ritual! I’m breaking myself of my habit of doing the Sudoku puzzle before I start writing to get my brain in gear. I don’t really need it – and it’s taking time I really need to work!IMG_1126

You are a finely tuned writing instrument! Tune yourself well and care for the instrument!

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