5 Ways to Make Your Writing Original

Recently I checked out two library books on the same day with a female protagonist named Calliope. Since neither book’s character liked her given name, each opted to be called Callie. One of the books was written in 1996, one in 2014.

Calliope? Really?

So, what’s the big deal, you might ask?

Assuming that this is just a coincidence, here are 5 things you can learn from this:

  1. Do the research – You want to use the fantastic powers of the Internet for good – Find out if anyone has used the same characters, story or premise you are thinking of using.
  2. Be original and use your imagination.  If you’re writing and you want to be taken seriously, write your own story.  Don’t quote large passages from other authors – that’s cheating!  Write your own book!
  3. The English language may only have 26 letters in the alphabet, but develop your own voice – your own way of using those letters to express yourself.
  4. Read!  The more you read, the more experience you amass to use as background.
  5. Live! Try new things, meet new people, travel.

If it isn’t a coincidence, then it’s plagiarism, which is a crime. (In college, I knew someone who was expelled for plagiarism.  As an adjunct professor, I had the right to expel a student, but I was told I could offer the student other options.  I did.  He won’t forget the lesson.)


Have you found ways to write with originality?

With millions of people on the planet, do you think it’s inevitable that two or more people could come up with the same idea at the same time?  (If it’s an invention, and you think someone else has your idea, I can refer you to a great patent agent – hurry up!)

What strategies do you use to make your work unique?

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