7 Ways to Make Writing Easier

Lately, writing has been getting a bad rap. Indeed, I recently heard a business coach tell people that writing is hard. The coach suggested creating other business products before tackling writing a book.

Developing a book is the one surefire way to demonstrate your expertise, setting you at a level above your competition!

But is writing hard? If you think about it, writing is expressing yourself. One of the first things we do as small children is learn to talk. And, children are some of the most creative creatures on earth in their efforts to get their messages across. They get fed, clothed, and cared for because they’ve mastered the art of communication.

Before you settle for one elemental way of communicating—a good, long cry—consider these seven ways to set yourself up for writing success.

7 Ways to Make Writing Easier:

  1. Think about what your topic is before you even put one word on a page or on the computer. Why are you writing? Once you define your goal it will be easier to reach.
  2. Now that you’ve defined your reason for writing, jot some notes on points you want to cover.
  3. Block off a time in your schedule for writing so you are expecting to write–daily. This is something almost every successful writer says is essential.
  4. Make your writing area conducive to writing – no distractions (phone, TVs, etc.) and clutter.
  5. Have resources and references available (for material you’ve used from other sources, plus a grammar and punctuation reference) – which you will use after you finish writing for the day.
  6. Begin your writing wherever your mind takes you. If it doesn’t fit where you left off, save it for later use or for another spot.
  7. Vary your sentences so that you don’t constantly start with “The.”

And, do plan to learn your craft by reading others’ works and brushing up on grammar and sentence structure. You can be eloquent!


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Shelley Gillespie is the Book Writing Success Coach. Contact her at: Shelley@BookWritingSuccessCoach.com

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