Once upon a time, I worked in an office where my co-workers liked to commiserate. In a futile attempt to encourage them to see the bright side of a situation, I showed them the silver lining in the rain cloud.

Almost in unison, they shut me down. “We like complaining,” the most vocal of the group exclaimed. They all agreed with her.

“Oh,” was my reaction. I realized I was wasting time and energy challenging their gloom.

Fast forward to today. I enlisted my husband to join me for food shopping for the holidays.

“The roads will be crowded. There’ll be long lines at the stores. It will be a major time waster.” He said, looking pained.

Not buying into that, I made my list, checked it twice and began.

First, the roads were not crowded. Some of the drivers seemed to be in an extreme hurry to get places, but we proceeded to our destination with nary a glitch.

When we pulled up to the giant megastore, we found a parking spot quickly. With the help of my list, we completed our hunter-gatherer tasks in record time. The predicted massive crowds at check out were not daunting. We waited in line, but a clerk beckoned us to come to her register since she had no one there. She even offered to unload our cart onto the conveyor belt, cheerfully grabbing things we had started lifting.

We were back out at the car in record time.

Later, we reached another store and my husband was adamant. “I’m not standing in that line with one item!” he indicated, as he glanced at the checkout line with about 15 people waiting.

So, I found a second item we needed.

For one hard-to-find item, I asked a clerk named Larry. Larry walked us over to show us the item, smiled and seemed happy to help. He seemed equally happy to help when we asked about another product, but that wasn’t available.

When it was time to join the checkout line, we queued up with about 12 people ahead of us. What my husband hadn’t counted was the number of cashiers. With about seven cashiers efficiently processing the shoppers’ orders, we waited no longer than five minutes to check out. A good outcome!

And, why have I given you an account of today’s shopping excursion?

My positive thinking, coupled with a smile and a little patience, brought good results. I didn’t wait long, we bought what we needed, and people were friendly and helpful.

Now, if we could just have things we need materialize like they did in the replicator in Star Trek. Or, our own personal genie.

Happy holidays to all!