An Essential Technique for Writers

I’ve been mysterious with my blog’s title because I want to lure you into reading the whole thing.

Face it! Every word you write is NOT golden. You might need to actually delete a word, a phrase, sentence or – heaven forbid! – a whole paragraph.

Don’t be afraid, if you remove a section that just doesn’t flow or fit, you can save it in case you change your mind. (Try copying the offending word or passage and placing it at the end of the passage or page for easy retrieval if you change your mind or think there’s a better place for the offending section.)

Now, keep writing where you left off.

Sometimes, you might find that you can’t imagine why a certain segment of the writing is located where it is. Giving yourself some distance from the writing for even a few hours can provide clarity.

In my Book Coach capacity, I found a paragraph on page four of my client’s book that was so brilliant that it really needed to be the introductory paragraph for the entire book. It really worked well that way. My client agreed. The pages just read better and built up the flow.

So much can be seen objectively when you distance yourself from your writing – not forever – and only if you commit to coming back to it.

And when you do come back to the manuscript, you need to be dispassionate. If the paragraph, passage or page isn’t working, GET RID OF IT! There are so many words to choose from that you really can rework almost anything written and find an elegant or fascinating way to present the information. Do it! Less equals more! (I know, a cliché, but in this case, apt.)

Be brave! Delete (but save elsewhere for comfort), delete, delete. What’s left should be so much better!







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