Avast and Ahoy, Mates!

When I sent an “evite” via one of the social media channels, a recipient told me that I had computer viruses. That surprised me because I have a Mac and I thought I was protected. Guess not!

So, with my more computer savvy spouse and the recommendations of the Apple Care staffer I spoke with, I installed two different anti-virus programs.

My computer took over six hours to scan everything and find the culprits. Obviously, we removed them.

So, now can I relax and just do my work? No. Now, I scan the external hard drives where my files are stored.

Somehow, the pirates are taking over. The ability to just work is constantly intruded upon for malicious purposes. Gone are the days of a simple handshake, where a person’s word is trusted.

I received “chip” technology credit and debit cards, which I’m using.

Regularly, I remove spam from my computer. In the spam, quite a few people entreat me to help them from foreign countries. They are in jail, they have a sick relative, they can help me quadruple my money by just giving them some money.

Pirates! Gone are the dancing, singing pirates from Peter Pan who were amusing and not truly evil. The modern pirate, I have heard, is even trained and commission by their government to hack files (there’s the negative meaning for “hack” that I spoke of in a prior blog) and compromise accounts across the world.

Before we all hunker down and hide from the world because of these pirates, I imagine that the best approach is to find the software that will protect us. Of course, that means a whole industry is thriving as a result of these threats, but historically, pirates have existed forever.

If you think of cultural references, try the play and film, The Music Man, whose star character is a con artist. Also, Mark Twain has a humorous take on burglar alarms in a story called, “The McWilliamses and the Burglar Alarm.” The story could almost be written today, it seems so modern.

Then, there is Les Miserables, whose main character Jean Valjean is hunted endlessly over stealing a loaf of bread. Stealing because of hunger and desperation is a societal issue that should be remedied.

Which shows me that there will always be a small (I truly believe it is small) number of people who operate from a different moral compass. Some would change, if circumstances allowed them.

As we are subjected to the endless campaign leading to the 2016 United States presidential election, also beware of pirates. Though they may not be “swashbuckling” in the mode of old movies, they may try to steal your mind.

Guard your minds and your computers!

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