Can We Talk?

When I was a kid, I was artsy-craftsy.  So, that translated easily to fixing things when needed.  Through the years, I’ve taken on challenges to fix things regularly.  Putting up shelving, changing tires, and more.

Unlike mechanical objects that have finite choices, computers are challenging.  Getting lost in the language of computers makes me think about how we communicate.  ”Boot up,” “Save,” “Thumb drive,” “Mega”-anything, and more, are words that exist in different ways, but jargon specific to computers.

Are we losing our ability to provide precise meaning to people?  Are we losing the pleasure of reading something descriptive that conveys our sense of humanity? Are we forgetting how to communicate?

A cartoon I saw recently had a brother asking his sister what she was doing.

She responded, “I’m texting Nicole.”

His response conveyed, with an exclamation mark, his sense of incredulity.  You see, the sister was sitting next to Nicole.

The sister responded, “We can text faster than we can talk.”

Nicole responded, “It’s more efficient this way.”

Are we sacrificing meaning for efficiency, savoring the moments for speed?

I certainly hope not.  Millennials, according to the reading I’ve completed for a presentation on Millennials, care about meaning.  They want to believe that what they accomplish has meaning.

Maybe a little old-fashioned communication can make the world a little kinder, more meaningful and more memorable.

Actually talk with someone today!  Texting is great and ever-so-efficient.  With the time you saved, go talk with someone who makes your life better and tell them so.

CAN-WE-TALKAnd, to foster future memories – read or write a book! ~~~~~~~~~ If you need help writing that book, I’m your guide!  Text me at: (480) 223-2347  😉 Email at or call me at (520) 568-0199.

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