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Reporting from the Tucson Festival of Books 2016

…Since I’d decided that I’d focus on attending sessions on book business, which included usage of social media, I spent many seminars meeting several of the same presenters and attendees. One gentleman who seemed to pop up in half of the sessions I attended is @Ron Hogan. He’s everywhere! Also, his background in starting the literary blog in 1995 provided stellar credentials for authenticating his social media knowledge. Ron emphasized that authors need to be on social media, but as a person who loves books, not someone constantly entreating people to buy theirs.

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Celebration and Introspection

When I was a child, my birthday was my favorite day. For that day, I was the princess. I could ask for whatever I wanted to eat. Typically, I had a birthday party. I was given gifts, usually ones I really loved. And, everyone made me feel special…

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What’s Left?

…As a lefty, so many connotations subtly cause a person to realize they are not in the mainstream. When something is correct, you are “right.” When I studied French, I found that the word for left, “gauche,” is the English word that means “socially awkward.”…

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Truth, Justice…and Then There’s Film

Before I saw the new film, The Finest Hours, I made the mistake of reading a movie critic’s scouring of the film. The critic, who quite apparently did not like the film, especially criticized the female lead, the male character’s fiancé. He would have been happier if the female character was not included…

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Easy as Apple Pie?

Why is apple pie supposed to be easy?

In my years of culinary efforts, I have never found pie making to be easy.

Historically, pie was mentioned as easy, but more for the ease of eating—certainly, not for the baking.

Early in my adult life, I attempted baking an apple pie. Generally, I consider myself a proficient cook, but the pie baking almost conquered me.

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