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Accentuate the Positive

Once upon a time, I worked in an office where my co-workers liked to commiserate. In a futile attempt to encourage them to see the bright side of a situation, I showed them the silver lining in the rain cloud…

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Jolly Holiday

…Then, knowing I had a car, the manager asked me to make a delivery to a family that couldn’t get to the feast. Of course, I agreed. We loaded the car with a feast fit for a large family. As it turned out, it was a large family we were serving….

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Secrets of the Universe

…Much like a statement from Yoda in Star Wars, we must DO not TRY. The implications of trying suggest that we have given ourselves permission to fail. So, “Do” is the right word to describe your efforts…

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Just a Little Courage and a Question

Years ago, I developed training programs. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from one of the instructors was a simple strategy to find clarity. The strategy was so valuable that it could save someone from an angry explosion – which, in turn, could save a job….

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Avast and Ahoy, Mates!

When I sent an “evite” via one of the social media channels, a recipient told me that I had computer viruses. That surprised me because I have a Mac and I thought I was protected. Guess not! . . .

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On a dark and windy night, a lone figure, whose face we don’t see in the darkness, slips in through the back door of a house. A couple is sleeping upstairs in their bedroom.

Suddenly, the figure is at the couple’s bedside and a shiny knife appears. The camera cuts away to show the knife as it is wielded repeatedly, with blood spurting in the air. The couple has been hacked to death with the intruder’s knife.

…Now that’s a definition of “hacking” that I remember.

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