Choose Blueberry, Pomegranate and Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream

When there’s a choice in ice cream flavors, I often ask for vanilla. According to one survey, vanilla is the most popular.

In my mind, if it’s a flavorful vanilla with the little vanilla bean seeds, it’s worthy of the calories.

But, this week when I shopped, I reached in the freezer case and went for broke. Sometimes you just need to try something new. I chose the Blueberry, Pomegranate and Chocolate Chunk ice cream.

Really? And, why is this important?

It became an analogy I shared with my book-coaching client about choices for writing.

Most of us play it safe. We choose the easiest, usual, or regular way. What we’ve done before requires the least amount of brain cells. If we’ve been eating vanilla – plain or not – that’s what we’ll do – always.

The blueberry gives you the sweetness. And, you can convince yourself that it’s a healthy fruit, so it’s not so bad to eat in an ice cream.

The pomegranate is exotic and, in the ice cream, is syrupy and sweet with a tangy aftertaste.

For chocaholics, the chocolate chunks are there to give us our chocolate fix with a crunchiness that’s satisfying to munch.

So, for our writing, the fancy ice cream provided inspiration to choose a new word or way of saying something. And, the chocolate chunks could be compared with the lasting thoughts that you get to chew on.

Translate that to life. Make choices that provide new experiences: some sweetness, a tangy contrast, something to bite down on and challenge you.

Since we’re still in the honeymoon phase of 2016, find your blueberry, pomegranate, chocolate chunk! To a sweet new year with challenges, success, and tangy surprises— enjoy!

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