Diversity, biases and revelations

Last week, I was fortunate to participate in Nev Kraguljevic’s “Diversity and Social Justice Summit” at Central Arizona College.

I say I was fortunate because every so often it is important to review who you are, where you’ve come from and where you’re going. With two days of reviewing our approach to life, antecedents that caused our attitudes, and examples of how we see ourselves, I came away with some revelations.

All of this is excellent to fine tune our approach to writing. But beyond that, the examination of ourselves at the deepest level helps create a finer sense of who we are and want to be.

I consider myself a good, caring person who makes every effort to be inclusive and understanding of others. It turns out that, like most humans, I have some areas which need work.

For interaction in work environments, the workshop gave a snapshot of what an array of issues can contribute to how people make decisions and where their biases lie. Yes, biases, because everyone has biases. Just deciding what issues and who you identify with gives some indication of what your biases are.

Moving forward, knowing myself better and realizing what is influencing me makes me better able to be contribute to a productive life.

As a book writing coach, that’s better for my clients, myself and – of course – for my own writing projects.

Nev is at: nev@diversityforbusiness.com

He’s offering a free gift. Claim your FREE gift, at: www.diversityforbusiness.com

What he can do for businesses is help participants in his workshops find ways to interact more authentically and effectively. Time for a tune up? I recommend Nev- highly!

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