Do (correct) words matter?

Lately, I‘ve been seeing a deplorable lack of care in proofing or editing of supposedly finished writing. To be clear: These are concerns about the word usage and general attention to detail in published books.

Am I being too picky?

At a writing seminar I attended, an agent commented that years ago, if one error remained in a published book that would be considered a major offense. Firing could occur!

I’m not speaking of just words omitted like the multitude of articles (a, an, the) that are left out or misused.

A book I read recently used the word “selfish” in describing a character. In the context of the book, the word clearly should have been “unselfish,” which totally changed the meaning.

Typos like “sliver,” when the sentence meant “silver” or “preformed” when “performed” was the correct word, are just two of the many imperfections in books I’ve read recently.

Have we gotten lazy? Don’t we know the “rules” anymore? Does anyone care?

As a book reviewer, author and writing coach, I care. Am I a very small voice in the vast army of writers and readers? Do people notice these errors? If you notice, does it bother you or make you think less of the writer?

Please tell me if you are concerned about this escalating issue.

Let’s start a dialogue…

Please let me know your opinion.

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