Gamesmanship: How to Win and Celebrate Your Success

In honor of Super Bowl 50, let’s talk about winning.

Have you ever realized that winning is both qualitative and quantitative?

You can win – at anything in life – and it can feel empty. Or, you can feel proud, excited and have a sense of fulfillment.

The qualitative element is at play here. If your win represents many hours of practice, preparation and dedication, winning can provide a jubilant reward for all of your efforts.

If you win easily, your competition or challenge not testing you much, the reward may not seem the same. Almost as if you didn’t earn the win, you feel a secret sense that it might not be totally deserved.

Now take the quantitative element of winning. A team takes many games to reach a championship, even a Super Bowl. Along the way, some games may have seemed an easy win, some might have been a monumental struggle. Cumulatively, the result became a triumph.

Translate this to life. Not every moment, challenge or struggle may wind up in your “win column.” Did you do your best? Were you prepared? Mentally, did you participate fully in your challenge? On a scale of 1 to 10, did you rate at least a 7 in your efforts?

You can pat yourself on the back for giving your life effort the best you could.

People do have different capacities. Take baseball. If you’re the person who can always make it to first base, sometimes hitting a home run, great!

If you’re a team player and are willing to be tagged out so your teammate can get to home base, you have contributed to an even greater success than you alone could have accomplished. Scoring, but even more, being part of the effort, is a fulfilling win. Being tagged out was part of the greater good.

In your personal efforts, incorporate a team – even if the team is just you. For greater chances for success, evaluate how far you can go on your own. Can you get most of the project completed? Do you need some expertise you’ll need to learn quickly? Are there segments that you truly find difficult, unpleasant or something you’re procrastinating to avoid?

Regroup. Sometimes it’s a matter of time management – breaking big challenges into smaller, more manageable pieces. And, sometimes, you are missing something so you cannot complete the task. If that’s the problem, ask someone else for help or a second set of eyes to interpret the concern.

Fresh from my own challenge, I was jubilant recently. Instead of preparing my income tax return and turning it in so late my accountant barely had time to review and file it, I vowed to be done earlier this year. I procrastinated a little bit. But, I am excited to say that I turned my tax information in this past week!

Break out the champagne! That sure felt like winning to me.



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