How to Decide What to Write

What should I write about?

You’re on a tight deadline and you need to write.  It might be for a blog, a report, an ongoing writing project, or social media.  Instead of just writing the first thing that comes to mind–which can work, too–try the following approach:

1. Close your eyes and let your ears hear the sounds in your area.  What do you hear?  People talking? Traffic? Mechanical sounds? Animals? Weather? Write those observations down or record those elements.

2. Once you’ve finished that approach, close your eyes again.  Keep them closed and let some images come to mind.  Open your eyes and record those ideas of images.

3. And, once again, close your eyes–notice a pattern here? After a few moments, open your eyes again.  The first thing your eyes focus on is another idea for writing.

The reason I’ve suggested that your eyes should be closed for these creative imaging efforts is so your other senses can have a chance to add to the creative process.  When you give your eyes a rest, your hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste can augment what your brain is processing.

It really works!  And, it just worked for me, because I decided it was time to write my blog.  I closed my eyes and visualized putting words on the page.  As I did, I heard my air conditioner cycling (I’m in Arizona and this time of year the a/c does a lot of cycling) and my chair creaking as I pulled it closer to my desk.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the elements in my office differently.  Colors jumped out vividly of books and art I don’t think about much since I’m so used to them. Give yourself the chance to see the world, and hear, touch, taste, and smell it, so you can create word paintings and more vivid imagery with your writing.

The orange I ate at breakfast just popped into my mind. The citrus smell as I peeled it, the sweetness as I tasted it, the chewiness and pops of flavor as I bit into it, the stickiness on my fingers – all that resulted from eating an orange.

Make your writing evocative and flavorful!  Use all of your senses and find new ways to write about topics that you’ve imagined.

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