Kicking Writer's Block to the Curb - Part 2

Kicking Writer’s Block to the Curb – Part 2

This week, I had the great pleasure of interviewing bestselling author #DianaGabaldon for the newspaper for which I freelance.  She also has struggled with writer’s block in her writing.

When you realize the massive (books as long as 800 pages) and many books (14 and counting) she has written, you know that she has established useful strategies to move her writing along.

Early on, she had several positions for which she wrote.  She juggled multiple projects daily.  When she decided to write her first book, that task had to fit in her already-crowded queue of work.

Late at night, after her three children were asleep, she would write.  Typically, she says, she’d get stuck part way down the page.  This could be on any of her projects.


Eventually, she would resolve her block or move to another project or another section of her book that wasn’t stuck.

She is not worried about being stuck, but just moves along.  Since Gabaldon is a scientist by training, she knows that the brain needs time to recover and resolve things.

One thing that many writers don’t do when they get stuck is come back to their writing and keep going.

Without that persistence, writing never gets finished.  And, that’s one of Diana Gabaldon’s most admired qualities in writers.

Keep going, keep working, keep writing!

(And, the book does not need to be written in a linear fashion.  Gabaldon lets the ideas flow, in whatever order they come, and puts them together.  They all wind up integrated into her massive, descriptive and fascinating historical novels.  It must work – she has 25,000,000 books in print around the world and a television series on the way debuting August 9 on Starz.)

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