Laboring on Labor Day?

As we’re celebrating Labor Day in the U.S. and Canada this weekend, I’m offering a tribute to those who MUST actually labor on this day designated to honor those who work.

Hospital and health workers don’t get Labor Day off. They are there for us when we need it for health care or in our health emergencies.

And, the hospitality world – hotels, restaurants and gas stations – are open to allow us to travel, dine and fill our vehicles with fuel.

Also, we can’t forget our armed forces, police and fire departments that help us every day with no vacations on holidays. They do so much more than put out fires or patrol, but offer us the comforts of civilization and care.

For the most part, the service personnel who work on the major holidays are gracious about working while others enjoy a day off with families.

And, speaking of families, let us not forget the women who labor for all of us. Until I’d had a baby, I gave very little thought to the labor pains my mother experienced to give birth to me. She claims it wasn’t that bad. Well, not that I have a low pain tolerance, but in my case – it hurt – a lot! Excruciating was a word I used.

I recall thinking that mothers must have a short memory or the human race would be a lot smaller!

However, fortunately for the human race, we forget the pain of childbirth when we see our newborn. We bond quickly with our babies, most of us, anyway, and become involved in their well being and nurturing.

After I had a child, I took to sending flowers to my mom on my birthday! After all, she went through the pain and the work of birthing me!

So, here’s to those who labor! Their service and, sometimes, pain is greatly appreciated.

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