Making Your Writing Exciting

What makes writing worth reading?

Every reader could give a different answer to that question!

Some of the obvious answers of why writing is worth reading are:

  • The topic is of major interest
  • It is required for work or training/classes
  • You know the author’s work and enjoy reading it

The not-as-obvious answers for why you’d read a book or other written material are:

  • The story is “unputdownable” – exciting with twists and plot turns
  • The language flows so well that you finish the book before you know it (both fiction and non-fiction)
  • Characters jump off the page because they’re vividly described
  • The content is eye opening, thought-provoking or hilarious (both fiction and non-fiction)

And how does this thrilling, absorbing, fascinating book create an adoring fan?

With the words!

(And how they’re put together – in sentences!)

Please comment on the latest, greatest book you’ve read that fits the “unputdownable” label.

In my next blog,  I’ll talk about some of the techniques that make the words and sentences come together to create an avid audience. (Suspense!)

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