Making a List

In another blog, I included “making a list” as an important component for writers.

Today, I was reminded of just how valuable making lists are – and this is not the “Making a list and checking it twice” type of list to find out who’s naughty and nice. You might feel like the latter – nice – if you do make lists, instead of naughty.

Years ago, I worked for a boss who had the habit of changing priorities nearly every 20 minutes. It was impossible to keep up with – except for my lists. The lists kept me sane, even when I had to cross out one list and move on to another.

I keep a list. “Write a blog for Thursday” was definitely on the list. If it hadn’t been written down, I might have let it slide. Not that I’m one to forget, but seeing the item is so much more real when you write it down.

Several things I hadn’t anticipated joined my schedule today. Having the list available gave me the opportunity to adjust what was accomplished and what had to be postponed.

As a writer, it is essential to keep track of your writing progress. Track your characters, the settings, and the plot.

  • Would you really want your brown-eyed character to suddenly have green eyes?
  • Would you forget when the characters were having certain plot complications – and who is involved?
  • A list item might give you a new complication for a character – like an allergic reaction to a particular item, be it peanuts, feathers or milk.

Think about the above! That’s a list!

Lists aren’t just for Saturday errands! They can keep you sane and organized!

So, make a list!


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