Name That Book - Part 2

Since a reader of my previous post asked for more ideas on book title naming, I thought I’d share some additional suggestions.

To find the title you’d focus on:

1) What would your readers want to know?

Get in their head – what would they want to know about that you could share? That might be useful and something they don’t know?

2) Sleep on it –

(Not ON the book-not literally) I often have some of my best ideas by thinking about it overnight. Brains are busy solving problems while you sleep. Right before you go to bed, think about what your book should be titled.

3) Start writing down words until some pop out at you –

This is free-flowing word association. Write words – any words – that pop into your head and see what surfaces that might work.

4) KISS – Keep It Simple (for) Success –

The shorter the better. My new novel has a one-word title: the main character’s name.

For non-fiction, consider what your theme is. No treatises, no long-winded titles (those can go in the sub-heading, if necessary.) Be intriguing!

5) Make it funny!

Obviously, a serious topic would not want to use a funny title. Be appropriate!

Bonus idea:

Use numbers in the title – again, if appropriate. Quantify – like Dave Letterman’s lists get attention.

And, if you’re hitting a wall and need help in any writing capacity, contact me – that’s where a new set of eyes makes the difference.

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