No Regrets: The Most Valuable Gift

What’s the most valuable gift that anyone can offer?

Some people would say their time. After all, time is finite. How much time we “spend” with someone subtly connects an intangible with money. For those who are paid or charge for their time, time takes on a numeric value.

But, beyond the clock ticking, how has the quality of our time with others enhanced our lives and theirs?

Once you have lost a loved one, the time you have with them is ended and seems all too short – except in your memory. Do you have regrets? Wishing you had been involved more, cared more, visited more with someone will only make you long for a “do-over.”

“Do-overs” don’t exist – except perhaps in a very friendly game of golf.

So, take each moment and savor it, creating the spontaneous joy that contact, be it electronically or in person will provide. Longer visits, if you can incorporate those into your life, can provide even greater joy.

Years ago when I was a recruiter for the Girl Scouts, I found that people often offered donations as a way to get you to go away. Volunteering their time? That perhaps was the most difficult contribution to solicit. Volunteering to run a troop, helping at an event or providing other service was the greatest gift of all, because without those efforts, Girl Scouts would not exist.

Perhaps I really have answered my question about the most valuable gift. Time is the beginning of caring, love, and value. Without spending the time, no value is created – or memories.

So, thank you to those who offer themselves. Talents, caring and time are so important for our family, friends, and community.

Build memories now, not regrets.

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