Observations on the Oscars: Things to Learn

Listening to the award-winners deliver their speeches at the Oscars reminded me of how people tend to ramble – in their speeches and their writing. How many people did you hear talk until the “playing off” music got louder?

The rambling, disorganized “thank-yous” are born of nerves. Fortunately, as a writer, most times you’ll have the opportunity to fine-tune your words.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Are you concise?
  • Are your ideas in a logical order so they flow?
  • Does your writing style stay consistent? (Formal or informal, first or third person, etc.)
  • Are your characters or concepts written so an audience can relate?
  • Is there a sense of drama or suspense so your readers will want to continue?

In addition to the sometimes painful Oscar speeches with rambled lists of people to thank and invocations to muses, writers and presenters need to say/imply what they plan to say, say it, summarize and get off the stage!

And, I admit, I can be guilty of nerves, but I use cues to keep me on target.


What’s your most difficult challenge in writing? Please share – or send me a note privately.

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