Putting Words on the Page

You have an idea for a book. You’re excited about your concept. You know just what should be included. Then, you begin roughing out details in a file.

You share your idea with your closest friends. Some of them love it; some of them are so-so. Several are not encouraging.

Now, your enthusiasm is dampened. You’re giving the idea a second thought. Doubting yourself, you think you’ll shelve the book – for now.

How could something that made your energy level accelerate and your mind expand with possibilities suddenly be worthy of shelving?

When a dream is withering, it’s time to reexamine your priorities. Can you let your dream disappear?

Don’t let your inspiration waver because of the crowd’s opinion. Trust yourself.

Books are precious and important. If you’ve been inspired to write a book, start putting the words on paper.

Life can get in the way, but knock that roadblock down – and keep going!

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