Quality Matters

In the charge to complete writing, lately I’ve noticed that a very important element of writing is being ignored. That element is reviewing what you’ve written. Writers don’t seem to be taking this important step.

Why review?

You’d be surprised how clear things can be when you review your work. You’ll see incorrect words, subject-verb agreement issues, sentence fragments, and perhaps an opportunity to add a new comment that is brilliant!

Admittedly, it is hard to see the errors in your own work. But if you step back for an hour or more, you can often gain objectivity.

Seriously, I’ve seen words left out, misuse of words (“peaked” when the author means “piqued”) and jarring imagery (lately, it seems to be with cheese grater analogies!)

Writing is a form of communication. If executed well, the message is received with accuracy and grace.

Many people will read anything you publish online or in print. Be proud of your work. It could be out there representing you for a long time.

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