Remembering Robin

Although I never personally met #RobinWilliams, I woke up today thinking about the great loss our cultural and personal lives have sustained with his death. He made us laugh, he made us think, and he reminded us about what being human really is.

From Mork and Mindy to his last TV show, The Crazy Ones, I think he was the epitome of humanity and talent. Playing Mrs. Doubtfire, he developed a character that could comfort children and still make us laugh with his transformational antics. His Fisher King could easily make you cry–it made me cry.

Why do I mention Robin Williams?

We all need inspiration and a chance to laugh. In reading his bio, I saw that someone had developed a hernia from laughing so hard at one of Robin Williams’ shows.

As a writing coach, I aim to inspire writers to be the best, write the best, offer the best to their potential audiences, and help others feel their humanity.

We should all remember Robin Williams. He wasn’t perfect, but he came so close!

Nanu nanu! And, thank you!

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