Secrets of the Universe

No, the title is not a tease. Life, death, love, and health issues tend to get me thinking. Almost like a philosophy course I took in college, the secrets to life and the universe become something to be pondered.

A book I recently read, A Happy Pocket Full of Money, has led me to think about life in an intense way. According to this book, everything is NOW and interconnected. It makes one of the most powerful cases for thinking deliberately and mindfully.

Do we bring our karma to us by how our words are used and our mind focuses?

Much like a statement from Yoda in Star Wars, we must DO not TRY. The implications of trying suggest that we have given ourselves permission to fail. So, “Do” is the right word to describe your efforts.

It does seem like a matter of semantics, doesn’t it? However, our brain, a very powerful force, listens to what we think and say. If you say something, it reverberates. You HEAR the words as they are said, probably reinforcing the statement you made as your brain records the statement in your memory. Triple reinforcement!

When I began reading A Happy Pocket Full of Money, I did not believe I could agree with the author’s premise. Frequently, he repeats, “I am wealth. I am abundance. I am joy.”

I did not agree with the verbiage. I wanted to hear, “I am wealthy, I have abundance, I am joyful.”

Grammatically, the author was wrong in common parlance. But, his thoughts were anything but common. Envisioning yourself as part of the universe, you can be those personifications.

And, as the author envisioned, I have had a major shift in my thinking. Great minds have tried through the ages – the NOW- to define what life should be.

I can share that I know what is important. The truth is different for everyone (as in another pop-culture reference, The X-Files) and it is OUT THERE. The struggle is to get what is OUT THERE – in our minds.

Then, once we have defined our truth, goals, aspirations and decisions, follow the thinking of Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Simple, yes?

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