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Reporting from the Tucson Festival of Books 2016

…Since I’d decided that I’d focus on attending sessions on book business, which included usage of social media, I spent many seminars meeting several of the same presenters and attendees. One gentleman who seemed to pop up in half of the sessions I attended is @Ron Hogan. He’s everywhere! Also, his background in starting the literary blog in 1995 provided stellar credentials for authenticating his social media knowledge. Ron emphasized that authors need to be on social media, but as a person who loves books, not someone constantly entreating people to buy theirs.

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Celebration and Introspection

When I was a child, my birthday was my favorite day. For that day, I was the princess. I could ask for whatever I wanted to eat. Typically, I had a birthday party. I was given gifts, usually ones I really loved. And, everyone made me feel special…

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Why Writing and Building a Home Are Similar

… In writing, build your story or premise, one concept at a time, bringing the elements together – sometimes jarringly to create interest. On one wall, you might have a theme color that appears, seemingly randomly, in many places. That theme might be followed up in couch cushions, in images on the walls, in displays in the kitchen of colorful produce. …

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7 Ways to Make Writing Easier

… But is writing hard? If you think about it, writing is expressing yourself. One of the first things we do as small children is learn to talk. And, children are some of the most creative creatures on earth in their efforts to get their messages across. They get fed, clothed, and cared for because they’ve mastered the art of communication.

Before you settle for one elemental way of communicating—a good, long cry—consider these seven ways to set yourself up for writing success. …

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Three Ways to Get Started with Writing: How to Begin

What would you need to do when you have never written and don’t know where to start?

Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Find an idea of something that jumps out at you and start making notes, start researching, and begin with a rough outline.
  1. READ! If you have a certain type of book you wish to write, start your own crash course by reading books that are considered good exemplars of that type of book. You will not be copying them – please don’t ever say I suggested THAT! You are using them for inspiration.
  1. Join my very first Book Writing Success Coach Group Program.

After coaching many people, I realized there were certain things that I repeatedly told everyone I coached. To be more efficient, I decided to share that information in a group. The BONUS of my program is that one-on-one personal coaching will also be included in my 2-month program.

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