Reading is important

7 Ways to Encourage Children to Read

Statistics and common sense tell you that children who read learn so much:

  1. They use their imaginations to bring the books to life.
  2. They learn vocabulary.
  3. They learn to reason and evaluate.
  4. They develop an understanding of the world and other people.
  5. They learn more easily in school after learning to read at home. …

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7 Ways to Make Writing Easier

… But is writing hard? If you think about it, writing is expressing yourself. One of the first things we do as small children is learn to talk. And, children are some of the most creative creatures on earth in their efforts to get their messages across. They get fed, clothed, and cared for because they’ve mastered the art of communication.

Before you settle for one elemental way of communicating—a good, long cry—consider these seven ways to set yourself up for writing success. …

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When Writing is Lost

…the valedictorian was happy to share her reading experiences.  Since she loved reading, I asked her who she considered good and she liked to read. She answered, “John Grisham.”

I asked her for more names.  She was drawing a blank, so I asked if she liked Mark Twain.  Her reaction was another blank stare.  She did not know one of the foremost writers of our country.

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