Taking a Chance on Love

Valentine’s Day: The day we profess our love with flowers, chocolate or baubles.

Much as I love chocolates, flowers and shiny objects, I know that some things are much more valuable.

Sorry florists, jewelers, and chocolatiers!

Caring can be expressed in ways that are more meaningful. After all, chocolates and flowers are perishable (or we eat them).

If I ever doubted that love could be more thoughtful than things, my husband showed me how he felt about me without making a big fanfare or waiting until Valentine’s Day.

After traveling for several weeks, I returned home and hopped in the car for an errand. I played the first CD that popped up. The tunes I heard were ones I love. While I was away, my husband had carefully curated some of my favorite songs by some of my favorite singers. To me, I felt like I’d received the most exquisite bouquet, tailored just for me.

It had taken time for my husband to find those songs and assemble them. And, he did not tell me he’d created the CD. He just let me find it in the car’s player.

That to me is the most caring, thoughtful gift I’ve ever received.

It’s Valentine’s Day every day when someone shows his or her love in such a memorable way.

Wishing you a memorable and caring Valentine’s Day – and every day.


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