The Art of Procrastination

Procrastination is the act of putting off what you could get done now.

All of us – admit it – suffer from delaying tactics in one way or another. Writers are quite often plagued by this malady.

What to do to conquer this problem?

• My approach is to back into the work. Open a new file on the computer and start typing. Jot a note about what I might write. Turn off the phone, so I can’t have that distraction. Start with a glass of water.

• Then what – when nothing brilliant comes? Type, write and go ahead anyway.

• It is often amazing what happens when you just begin – anywhere!

• The idea or work doesn’t need to begin at the beginning. You could start with the end result and work backward.

• Another strategy I use is to make lists. Once you have enough items in a list, something just pops out and gives you fuel to work from.

• And, if you’ve already started your writing or other project, just jump in where you left off. Great work can be built on what you’ve already started. If it isn’t great, then at least it is there and can be edited and improved upon later.

• I set limits and goals for my work session. For instance, I was determined to write at least 1,800 words of my novel today. I got going, determined to get there. Hurrah – I reached 2,000 words!

• And, most of all – Don’t have a pity party! Get to work and you’ll get out of your funk!

If all else fails, go do something else for a little while, but give yourself a time limit and return to finish.

Oops! Time for me to get ready for a meeting. Gotta go!

Good luck with your projects!

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