The Best Short Story - Ever

Kudos to H.H. Munro, pen name – Saki.

Since I read his short story – and it’s only about five pages long – I never forgot it or his name!

For me, that’s a feat, because I’ve read so much that keeping the authors and their books straight is a task that is not topmost in my mind.

So, you must be a really amazing author to stay in my brain. Mark Twain claims a top spot and just a few others.

Back to Saki. I read his story, “The Open Window.” It gave me chills. The story offers masterful character development of several characters, a plot with a surprise ending and terrific detail.

Whenever I’ve been asked to recommend a short story, “The Open Window” is the one I suggest.

So, what can you do with just a few pages, about 1,200 words?

I recommend, as I said, reading Saki’s story and realizing that less can be so much more!

Learn how to accomplish that with your prose – fiction or non-fiction ­– and you will be a well-respected author.

(And contact yours truly, Book Writing Success Coach, if you have the desire to improve your writing and develop a book! )


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