The Key to Success is Short

Recently, I’ve had two organizations for which I’m speaking ask me to discuss how writing “short” can be effective in business.

My experience and expertise run the gamut – from catchy motivational phrases to long treatises or articles on serious topics.

The whole key is getting a reader’s attention. Visuals and audio help. That’s why YouTube gets so much attention.

The message still must be there!

Distilling the message down to a few words is what works. And, it isn’t easy!

Do you think “Just do it” (Nike) or “Got milk?” (California Milk Processor Board) just popped into the universe without help?

So, think hard about your message. What problem or need are you fulfilling for your potential buyer or client?

Once you’ve figured that out (and it might not just be a physical object), you can craft a statement that brings you the business you’re craving.

Being short brings results!

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