The Puzzle of Writing

When you’re planning your book or other writing project, where do you start?

Think of your project as a puzzle.

If you’re putting together a puzzle, many people like to start with the borders, the frame.

Once you have a frame, you can develop the story or idea from that beginning.

A frame could also be your outline. Develop an outline, even loosely, and you’ll have a premise that suggests additional parts and pieces to incorporate in your story.

Thinking again of a puzzle, what happens when you can’t figure out how the piece fits in?

That’s the time to try moving things around and see if things fit from a different angle.

Or, just put the piece aside until the obvious place to position it magically appears.

Now, the puzzle is almost completed, but there seem to be two openings, neither of which has a piece that can fit.

How do you fill the openings? Why don’t the available pieces fit?

Well, if you think about real life, the neat, easy answer does not always appear. The pieces might be missing because your kid sister used them to finish her puzzle!

So get creative! Find the answer that is not the obvious way to finish your puzzle. Give it a twist! Or build your own piece to fit!


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