The “Secret Sauce” of Language Banned!

Normally, I truly revile any banning of books, language, and free speech. However, Lake Superior State University in Northern Michigan recently published a list of words they wish to – with tongue firmly planted in cheek – ban.

They are pointing out words that have been overused, misused and some that are generally useless.

Take “Secret Sauce.” Foisted upon us by the fast food industry, the phrase indicates a special concoction of spices/herbs or other ingredients that are included in foods.

Now, “Secret Sauce” has come to refer to more than the “Secret” goop placed on food.

Is it only my perception that the more “secret” the item is purported to be, the more you probably don’t care or are fearful of what really is in the list of ingredients?

Suspense is a great way to build interest in a product – be it a movie, book, or other item to be unveiled. But, can anyone credibly keep a secret much anymore with social media?

The last time I remember a secret that people actually cared to keep was when M. Night Shyamalan’s 1999 film, The Sixth Sense, was heavily promoted. Those who saw the film were asked to keep the movie’s twist ending secret. And, amazingly, people did!

What a refreshing change! No one was tweeting, posting or otherwise sharing the ending! (Twitter did not launch until 2006; Facebook launched in 2004.)

I don’t know if there is any way that people could or would keep a secret anymore.

Wistfully, I wish people would.

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