The Secret to Writing Well and Keeping Readers Turning Pages

Have you ever stayed up much later than you needed to so you could finish a book?

Did you ever tell anyone to leave you alone until you at least finished the chapter or page you are on?

You are caught up in – good writing!

Authors who write well “hook” you and you enjoy the process.

How do they do that?

It might seem simple, but authors attend to details, keeping all the parts and pieces working together. Building compelling suspense, story lines/plots, characters, dialogue, narrative and descriptions require work, time, and talent. But professional quality world building makes a difference.

What is a reader’s main contribution? A willingness to enter the world the author has created and continue in the fantasy until there is a resolution and payoff.

That may sound easy, but I’m finding more books lately – fiction and non-fiction – that I put down and never make it back to finish. And, sometimes, I find that just poor proofreading with words left out, improbable dialogue and bad grammar finally make me quit prematurely.

This is the suggestion a book agent made:

Contact the publisher when you see mistakes, so the next time they revise the e-book or reprint the printed version, they can make the corrections. Share your concerns – and compliments! Writers like to know what readers think.

Note: Photo is Diana Gabaldon, with her most recent book’s cover proof. She definitely writes long, intricately plotted books that are “unputdownable.”

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