The Wonder of Life

Last week, my father died.

It was a sad time as my family gathered to celebrate his life.

All of us have family of some sort, even if they were adopted as family. So, I think everyone can relate when a life is gone.

At the memorial service, the speech that resonated most was my son’s who spoke about the wonder that my father found in life. Almost like a child who found each new thing fun and exciting, my father tackled each new challenge. He researched, tested and evaluated, tried new approaches and finally came to a conclusion. His work was his play.

But the process! When dad was testing glue – oh, yes, I didn’t mention that he was the original developer of Elmer’s Glue – beware of anything that was sitting around in a muffin cup. He might have something that looked like muffin batter, but it might be sitting on a kitchen countertop, in the oven, in the freezer or the refrigerator. It was advisable not to taste test whatever was lying around.

The mixture could wind up as a road paving additive so new pavement bonded with old pavement – or, you never knew what it was for!

When someone close to us dies, memories come flooding into our consciousness. All of which reminds me to share that with all of that rich storytelling in our brain, it is most important that we provide good memories for our children.

Hold your head high. Do now what you won’t regret later. Provide a rich legacy so that when your relatives share stories about your life, you know you’ve given them a sense of wonder about their life.

That’s a very powerful legacy.

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