Three Ways to Get Started with Writing: How to Begin

As a guest speaker this past weekend, my audience included a wide range of writers – from an experienced writer whose book was becoming a movie to a would-be writer who wanted to get started.

What would you need to do when you have never written and don’t know where to start?

Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Find an idea of something that jumps out at you and start making notes, start researching, and begin with a rough outline.
  1. READ! If you have a certain type of book you wish to write, start your own crash course by reading books that are considered good exemplars of that type of book. You will not be copying them – please don’t ever say I suggested THAT! You are using them for inspiration.
  1. Join my very first Book Writing Success Coach Group Program.

After coaching many people, I realized there were certain things that I repeatedly told everyone I coached. To be more efficient, I decided to share that information in a group. The BONUS of my program is that one-on-one personal coaching will also be included in my 2-month program.

(After participating in a number of trainings/coaching programs over the years, I realized the missing element – one size does NOT fit all. Personal coaching is really important for everyone. And, that is the element that will be incorporated in my group program.)

Please use this link to learn more!

I hope you’ll join me! The program starts May 20th and will be limited to only 8 people – I would love it if you were one of them!

See the details and feel free to contact me with questions!

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