Traipsing around at Tucson Festival of Books

This past weekend, I spent hours traipsing around the Tucson Festival of Books #TFoB.

(As a writer, I wonder why they didn’t name it “Tucson Book Festival.” Beyond that, I enjoy the concept and the many writing resources available.)

On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of meeting, having a moment to converse with and taking a picture with #DaveBarry. If you are not familiar with his writing and speaking, you might want to look him up. He has an inspired way of viewing the world that is hilarious. He talks of life in Miami and, since I’ve lived in the area, I can attest that his observations are spot on. No one else has the way with words he has, hence his Pulitzer Prize.

And, in the words of bestseller #CatherineCoulter, who breezed through a very informative session of concepts for good writing, “Humor is always welcome, necessary and human.”

Hurrah for the funny in life!

The rest of the weekend, I was able to listen and learn from presenters who spoke about aspects of writing and publishing. Some of their comments were things I knew about, but some information or approaches were new or needed repeating.

Also, I spent some time at the #DesertDreams booth as a bookseller with my Hiking for the Couch Potato books on display. Thank you to the great people: Fae, Erica, Isabel, Gayle, Beth, Maria, Laura, Gail, Alyssa, Crystal, Linda, Alexis, Chris, Joann, Jessica, and Al, who stopped to converse with me!

And, my effort to keep exercising must have been in the plan for the Festival organizers. Every session I attended was at the opposite end of the University of Arizona campus from the previous session – and the one after that! Was it a plot to address the need for physical fitness in one weekend for event attendees? Maybe. I didn’t have time to ask.

In future blogs, I will share more of the ideas I heard to assist other writers.

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