Traveling Wo-man

Recently, I’ve been traveling.  After spending a significant amount of time in the air, in restaurants, and on the roads, I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  • People who name roads are not logical.  My situation involved the Florida Turnpike on which they have two exits – in two adjacent counties – named “Atlantic.”  You guessed it!  I got off at the wrong Atlantic exit and spent the next hour trying to get to my destination. If the planners who named the roads had thought things through, some signage could have designated a way to differentiate the two exits (by county name?) I was told that other people had the same difficulty.
  • Airlines are determined to squeeze as many passengers in as small a space as possible. It has gotten worse than I last remember.  People have been kind – especially a number of flight attendants with a sense of humor and a true sense of caring – but it doesn’t overrule the difficult conditions of working in a very tight space. The passenger seated next to me commented that another airline has five inches more legroom.  That doesn’t sound like much, but when someone is seated in the same position for hours, having that extra room is important.  After all, even in hospitals they turn patients every few hours to avoid bedsores.
  • And, speaking of room, my recent experience in a popular New York City theater-district restaurant also included very little room for maneuvering between tables. To anyone who might need some room, like someone in a wheelchair, he or she would have a difficult time negotiating the almost non-existent aisles to get to a table.

Why do I mention all of the above?  The situations created frustration, impatience, and intolerance.

With a bit more consideration, we could provide more space and more kindness.  If we stop putting people in (metaphorical) boxes, cubicles and categories then, maybe, people would see the things we share more than those that divide us.

Just a thought …

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