Uptown Downton

A tribute to memorable writing

I admit it! I’ve become beguiled by Downton Abbey.

For some reason, I never watched the British series until recently. Now, I find myself eagerly checking out a whole series from the library and binge watching (as my schedule allows.)

Why is this?

Well, for one, I find the characters, attention to detail, plots and effort at authenticity a true tour de force.

As I coach writers on their projects, I realize that this is the type of example that can inspire them to better writing.

When you consider the characters, everything and everyone works to create a fully-fleshed-out character.

Memorable characters are created by a talented writer and, in these performances, talented actors, set designers, costumers, and the whole ensemble that is required to produce these many hours of quality viewing.

When a writer puts words on a page that translate to stories which come alive, that people talk about and remember, they have created a very special project.   The joy of the writing is that each character is multi-dimensional, showing change, wit and a spark of humanity.

So, consider this a tribute to great writing. Bravo, Julian Fellowes!

May we all enjoy your efforts and learn from them.

And the question is: Which of the Downton characters is your favorite – and why?



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