What to Write - That Special Place

When the creative juices aren’t flowing, sometimes a special place will conjure up some inspiration.

Being somewhere memorable, even if it no longer exists, can be a wonderful beginning for a book or other writing project.

Seeking a tranquil spot, I can envision a childhood home that had a window seat with bookshelves on either side. Early on weekend mornings before anyone else in my family awoke, I curled up with a book and was transported to magical places. That was especially true as one of the books was Arabian Nights.

Over the years, I’ve also seen many natural wonders. While the Grand Canyon is recognized as a majestic view, I actually prefer Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon has towers that have been eroded over millennia to look like castles, chess pieces and other fanciful spires. In the early light, they shimmer and glow in oranges, pinks and golds. Spectacular.

Bryce & Location shots099

Inspiration can arise from memories of a home, natural wonders like Grand Canyon or Bryce Canyon, or a favorite ice cream store from your childhood.

Use those ideas to launch a scene, a book, or some other writing project. Your brain is filled with stories. Now, tell them!


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