What to Write - That Special Thing

Sitting in the tiny kids’ library area in an equally tiny chair, I glanced over at the shelf and saw a book that I remembered from my childhood. The book, Blue Willow, brought to life a migrant child’s story about her one cherished possession, a blue willow plate.

At that moment, I knew I loved that library because the book had obviously stayed with me for many years. I was so glad to see that the library’s collection included such a touching and memorable book.

In Blue Willow, I learned what it was like to struggle, to long for a life that offered something better.

For a book to make that impact, it was special. Although it was truly about a girl’s love for her china plate, it also detailed the difficult life of a migrant family.

It raised my social conscience. It made me grateful for what my childhood provided. It made me love books even more.

So, choose one object. Look at it from many angles. Think about who owns it, appreciates it. Imagine the object changing someone’s life. Imagine the item changing history, being fought over my armies and generations.

One item. Many ways it can be described and how it changes lives. Show us!

Notice: My special thing was a book.

Blue Willow – Doris Gates, author; Paul Lantz, cover artist

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