What Your Writing MUST Do

No, you don’t need to promise something free or offer your firstborn.

What you must do when writing is fulfill the promise.

What’s the “promise?”

The promise you’ve given to a reader is that you’ll inform or entertain them.  And, to do that, you must write clearly, develop your concept to progress to a logical conclusion, and write engagingly.

Simple examples of entertaining and informing writing were the old Burma Shave road signs that trailed along state roads. With a rhymed set of phrases that were spread out on several sign, the messages built anticipation.

As a little girl, I remember eagerly waiting to see what the next sign might say.  And, the conclusion was usually humorous. The final sign said “Burma Shave,” the branding that made me remember them even though I didn’t use the product.  And, it hasn’t been marketed for many years!

Does your writing have that kind of staying power?

What writing has stayed with you?


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